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Trae Young’s father wants him to consider returning to Oklahoma

Trae Young

Trae Young took the college basketball world by storm earlier this season when he was willing his team, the Oklahoma Sooners to win after win after win. If you were to turn on Sportscenter he was the top story every day and people were wondering if he was going to be the next NBA superstar.

But then the losses started coming for the Sooners and although Trae Young was still putting up good stats averaging 27.4 points and 8.8 assists per game he started turning the ball over more and more averaging 5.2 of those a game on the season. The buzz was still following him, but it started to cool off.

If he was to enter the NBA draft he would still be a top-five pick probably but after the Sooners’ opening game loss against the Rhode Island Rams in the NCAA Tournament Rayford Young, Trae’s father told Yahoo! Sports that he would like his son to at least consider returning for another year.

“I would love for him to think about coming back and maybe being national player of the year next year,” Rayford Young said, But it’s his career, his life.”

It still seems likely that Young will declare for the draft, but it’s interesting that his father wants him to maybe come back for one more year.

After the game Trae talked about how young this team was and how it had a bright future, he, however, didn’t open up about if he would be apart of that future.

“This team’s going to be – this team is young,” said Young. “I mean, this is a good experience from last year, only winning 11 games [in 2016-17] to coming to the NCAA tournament is a big jump. So I can’t wait to see the jump from now to next year.”

This will be an interesting story to follow the next couple weeks as Trae Young thinks about what he wants to do next year.