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Vince Carter’s crazy requirement for LeBron James to leapfrog Kobe Bryant in GOAT race

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Vince Carter is just the latest of many NBA players to chip in on the GOAT debate. The 42-year-old, who has now played in four different decades, put Michael Jordan atop the list, followed by Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

However, Carter argued it would be possible for James to leapfrog Bryant in those rankings under a crazy requirement. Speaking with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on the All The Smoke, Carter noted how James can move up a spot higher on this NBA list.

Transcript via HoopsHype’s NBA rumors page:

Barnes: “Does LeBron have the opportunity in your mind to possibly jump Kobe?”

Carter: “He has an opportunity based on what he gets done. If he gets to the Finals again… You’re just gonna give him more credit. Now, ten times in the Finals?! That’s insane if he can get to the Finals double-digit. Wait until it’s all said and done, then it’s fair to have a real debate. Let’s see what LeBron does and then we’ll go from there.”

Carter is one of the few NBA players to have played against Jordan, Bryant, and James during his career. Yet his requirement to have James side-step past Bryant seems a little odd.

Jordan has six NBA titles to his name, while Bryant has five. James is still far behind with only three in his 17 seasons, but he would only need one more NBAFinals appearance to meet Carter’s criteria, despite being 3-6 in the previous nine.

Many would say asking him to win one more title would be a fair qualitative for King James, as going 3-7 in the NBA Finals doesn’t account for much besides not getting the job done. Should LeBron take three different franchises to the promised land, he’d have a much more unique and interesting argument to climb the ladder in the all-time best NBA player rankings.