NBA news: Who wore it better? 4 players who wore bow ties to the NBA Draft
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Who wore it better? 4 players who wore bow ties to the NBA Draft

Joakim Noah D'Angelo Russell Dennis Smith Jr. Collin Sexton

The NBA Draft is a momentous occasion for every player who hears his name called. Additionally, it’s a great night for young players to showcase their flair for fashion. For some NBA players, this means showing off their best bow ties.

On Tuesday, the NBA Draft’s official Twitter account posted a tweet in honor of National Bow Tie Day. The tweet included photos of Joakim Noah, D’Angelo Russell, Dennis Smith Jr. and Collin Sexton.

Who wore it best?

Right from the jump, D’Angelo Russell is the worst of the four. It’s not that his outfit choice is bad, but it clashes with the purple and gold of the Lakers. He was probably going with the red, gray, and white for his alma mater, Ohio State. But he knew he was going to be an early selection so he should have planned accordingly. Poor planning on his part.

Dennis Smith Jr. is coming in at third on our list. The outfit isn’t bad, but the jacket looks like an optical illusion. Not something you can look at for an extended period of time.

Collin Sexton is the runner-up here. He comes in at No. 2 on our list due to how well he matches. His maroon jacket matches well enough with the red Cavs hat, plus he’s sporting the classic black bow tie.

And the best dressed of this tweet is undoubtedly Joakim Noah. We’re judging this competition on the entire outfit, but the bow tie pushes him over the edge because, after all, it is National Bow Tie Day. That big ol’ floppy bow tie blows every other bow tie on this list out of the water.