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Younger NBA players intimidated to voice opinion on veteran-laden conference calls


A new report has emerged pertaining the much-talked about Zoom call that allegedly featured dozens of NBA players as they aired their unwillingness to support the league’s bubble idea. As it turns out, the discussion was dominated by the veterans, leaving the younger players with very little — if any — room to voice out their own opinion about the matter.

A report by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports details how some of the young players that took part in the call felt a bit out-of-place:

[Donovan] Mitchell explained that the young players feel as if they’re not being listened to, sources said. Mo Bamba acknowledged some young players are intimidated to voice an opinion that’s opposite of the superstars’, sources said. [Carmelo] Anthony apologized and assured them that moving forward the platform would be for all to participate in, and throughout the call he asked for young players to let their voices be heard, sources said.

Based on the statement above, it appears that not everyone on the call was unwilling to go to Florida. As mentioned above, Orlando Magic big man Mo Bamba does not seem to be in agreement with the movement to boycott the NBA’s resumption plan, but that he was just unable to voice out his opinion during the call.

As for Utah Jazz stud Donovan Mitchell, he is reportedly one of the prominent names that do not want to join the bubble, along with veterans such as Carmelo Anthony, Kyrie Irving, and Dwight Howard, to name a few. Nevertheless, Mitchell still raised his concern about younger guys not being heard, despite the fact that they might not necessarily agree with his/their point-of-view.