The Brooklyn Nets will look to return to the NBA Playoffs this coming season and reclaim their place among the league's elite squads. It is time to look at FanDuel’s 2022 NBA over/under win total odds, including the Nets’ over/under win total.

The Nets won 44 games last season, finishing seventh overall in the Eastern Conference. They defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Play-In Tournament and were then unceremoniously swept by the Boston Celtics in the first round.

Despite some murmurings to the contrary, Steve Nash returns as head coach of the Nets. In the offseason, the Nets had to go through a whirlwind of rumors and potential player movements. That's no thanks to the strange trade request from Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving initially seeming to force his way onto the Los Angeles Lakers. Both players have stayed put along with beleaguered Aussie Ben Simmons. That was an outcome not many could have expected, but it is what it is.

Based on numerous preseason power rankings and projections, the Nets are expected to finish anywhere from as high as fourth to as low as eighth in the East. Assuming they stay mostly complete and healthy throughout the season, the Nets should be on the upper end of that spectrum.

Having said that, here is the Brooklyn Nets' win total prediction for the 2022-23 NBA season based on FanDuel’s 2022 NBA over/under win total odds.

Here are the 2022 NBA over/under win total odds, courtesy of FanDuel.

Nets Over/Under Win Total NBA Odds

Brooklyn Nets:

Over: 51.5 (+116)

Under: 51.5 (-142)

Why The Nets Will Win 52 Games

On paper, no team is more frightening than the Brooklyn Nets. Despite their offseason turbulence, the Nets return Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Ben Simmons, a near-perfect match as a defender and ball-handler, joins them, as does a strong supporting cast. The Nets are title candidates if everyone is healthy, accessible, and, perhaps most importantly, motivated.

At their best, this trio of KD-Kyrie-Simmons is objectively nonpareil. Durant remains one of the (if not THE) most unstoppable scorers on the planet. Kyrie's handles are maybe second only to Steph Curry's. Also, Simmons, for all his scoring shortcomings, remains an elite defender and playmaker.

They also have pretty good shooting thanks to Joe Harris, Patty Mills, and Seth Curry. Nic Claxton should also make a leap this season, while Markieff Morris provides a lot of toughness.

Why The Nets Won't Win 52 Games

The combination of KD-Kyrie-Simmons is fantastic in theory and on paper. As we all know, however, nothing has gone right for the Nets in the previous two years.

Irving and Durant's desire to fully participate is unknown, given that both wanted to leave Brooklyn this offseason. Entering this season, Simmons hasn't played in more than a year, due to a trade request, mental health issues, and back surgery. However, counting on this roster's consistency has been an exercise in futility.

Despite having Durant and Irving, much of the Nets' fortunes rest on Simmons, who must show the league that he can still play at a high level each night after all he put himself through. Even with superb numbers from KD and Kyrie, the Nets won't win 52 games unless Simmons returns to All-NBA form. We already saw that in their loss to the New Orleans Pelicans in their first assignment.

KD and Kyrie combined for 48 points, while Simmons had a pedestrian 4 points, 5 boards, and 5 dimes. The Nets lost, 130-108.

Final Nets Win Total Prediction: Over: 51.5 (+116)

If everything goes swimmingly, the Brooklyn Nets should eclipse their “over” and be in contention for their first NBA title. On the flip side, if everything goes wrong (again), they won't even make 50 wins. We believe their fortunes will fall somewhere in the middle. We won't see their Big Three play more than 50 games together, but they should still be deep enough to meet the 52-win threshold. Whether they go past the first round of the playoffs, however, is another story for another day.