There has been some speculation that Nick Ressler, the son of Atlanta Hawks owner Anthony Ressler, would not allow general manager Landry Fields to trade Trae Young if he wanted to, but Brian Windhorst's recent reporting suggests otherwise.

“It's my understanding that assurances have been given that Landry Fields is the person who is getting to make those decisions,” Windhorst said when asked about the matter on his podcast. “I know that was an issue with the Dejounte Murray trade. that Travis Schlenk the previous general manager did not, was not in favor of that trade, and basically didn't do the negotiation that led to him eventually leaving midway through the season. I have been told and assured that is no longer the case, Landry is in complete and total control. Obviously Tony Ressler the owner get to sign off on all that stuff but, those words could be proven not correct down the line but that's the way it's been described to me.”

As we are past the NBA Trade Deadline, we will find out the answer to this question this summer potentially. The Hawks have tried to build around Trae Young. Fields will have to decide whether or not he will be able to build a championship-caliber team around Young.

The Hawks are currently sitting at 25-32 on the season. That is good enough for the last play-in tournament spot in the Eastern Conference, but the organization was hoping for much better performance to this point in the season. They will have to deal with Young's absence now as he is dealing with a finger injury.