Apparently, it's Kyrie Irving who wants to recruit LeBron James to the Dallas Mavericks. Most folks were led to believe that it was actually the other way around, with LeBron potentially doing the recruiting as Irving enters NBA free agency this summer. Some even believed that Kyrie's multiple appearances at the Arena during the Los Angeles Lakers' recently-concluded NBA Playoffs run were a clear indication of his desire to move to Hollywood. Well, as it turns out, this just isn't the case.

According to new reports, Kyrie wants to stay in Dallas. Not only that, but he also wants LeBron to join him to form a Big 3 with Luka Doncic. Could it be at all possible that this recent development comes at the heels of the Lakers not making their move on Irving? Apparently, LA wants nothing to do with the enigmatic All-Star:

“The Lakers, meanwhile, maintained on Monday that they aren’t interested in adding Irving this summer, according to multiple team sources who aren’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter,” wrote NBA insider Jovan Buha of The Athletic.

Perhaps Kyrie realized that he wasn't going to be able to reunite with LeBron in LA, and that the next best thing would be to try and recruit him to join the Mavs. LeBron James is currently the face of the Los Angeles Lakers, and it would be nothing short of shocking if he decides to jump ship. Then again, the four-time league MVP has done it in the past, so at this point, anything is possible.