The Dallas Mavericks have won 16 of their past 18 games. Dallas has no shortage of positive momentum with the playoffs right around the corner. Head coach Jason Kidd, who received criticism during the Mavs' 2022-23 season and early in the 2023-24 campaign, has now become a contract extension candidate.

Overall, Kidd has enjoyed a strong tenure in Dallas. The Mavs reached the Western Conference Finals during the 2021-22 campaign, and are headed to the playoffs in 2023-24. So will Kidd and the Mavs agree to a contract extension?

The Mavericks head coach is under contract through 2024-25. He's clearly making things work for an organization that he also spent time with during his legendary playing career. Kidd seems to like coaching the Mavs, the players appear to enjoy playing for him, and the results are difficult to argue with.

According to NBA insider Marc Stein, a Mavericks-Kidd extension seems “natural.” Additionally, in late March Sam Amick of The Athletic wrote an article that suggested Kidd wants to remain in Dallas.

“And Kidd, league sources say, is hopeful that he can secure an extension this summer,” Amick wrote.

The Mavs have expressed confidence in Kidd's coaching prowess as well. When the head coach and organization are on the same page, that is typically a recipe for success. And that is what we are seeing in Dallas right now.

Jason Kidd silencing critics amid Mavericks success

Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd looks on against the Utah Jazz during the third quarter at Delta Center.

When the Mavs were hovering in the NBA Play-In Tournament spots and struggling to find consistency earlier in the 2023-24 season, some critics immediately blamed Kidd. Despite Dallas' plethora of injuries, Kidd received criticism. Of course, some of that stemmed from the Mavs' 2022-23 frustrating performance.

But Kidd has remained positive throughout the year. He knows how long an NBA season is and did not panic despite the team's up-and-down performance early in 2023-24.

Sure enough, Kidd's trust combined with the Mavs getting healthy and making moves at the deadline led to a tremendous second half. Now, the Mavs are headed to the playoffs as a top-six team, as they currently hold the No. 5 spot in the Western Conference.

One quote that stands out surfaced in early March. The Mavs were fresh off a 137-120 loss at home to the Indiana Pacers, and the team was struggling at the time. Kidd shared a powerful message after the game, and it was not long after that Dallas started finding consistency.

“Being a great player or just a great person or great coach you just draw from the past,” Kidd said. “Being able to share with Kai (Kyrie Irving) and Luka (Doncic) what it means to be great, what it means to be a leader, and those two are doing it on and off the floor… We've got a great group… Rome wasn't built in a day. 2011 wasn't built in a day, right?

“There's only a few of us in that locker room who have won at the highest level. So it's for us to help these young men get through this tough time.”

In the end, Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving have led the charge on the floor. Dallas' depth has stepped up as well, and their trade deadline acquisitions in Daniel Gafford and PJ Washington have paid major dividends.

With all of that being said, Jason Kidd's head coaching performance should not be overlooked. And perhaps the Mavericks will reward Kidd with a contract extension as a result.