What will the Dallas Mavericks do with Kyrie Irving? The team traded for the star point guard during the regular season in hopes of bolstering their title chances. Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan. A poorly-constructed roster and virtually no time for Irving and Luka Doncic to gel sent them spiraling out of the Play-In.

With rumors of Kyrie Irving joining the Lakers, there are hopes of a potential sign-and-trade between the two parties. However, Tim Cato of The Athletic thinks that the Mavs have no intention of assisting the Lakers in this scenario.

“It requires tact, but the Mavs should simply tell Irving upfront what contract they would like for him to re-sign, and while he certainly has the right to leave, they don’t plan to assist any other team in acquiring him. They have the most appealing offer.”

The Mavs' goal is clear in this scenario: keep Kyrie Irving. Despite his shortcomings last season and their late-season collapse, Dallas is banking on Irving's star power to hopefully get them out of their rut. There were games where you could see the chemistry between Kyrie and Luka connect. Perhaps a full offseason together will be the key to getting the most out of these two stars.

Aside from keeping Irving, the Mavs have some other pressing matters to attend to with their roster. Their collapse wasn't solely because of Irving: the roster around him and Doncic was poorly constructed. If Dallas wants to make serious noise in the playoffs, they need to make sure that the supporting cast around their star duo is perfectly suited to them.