Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer released his latest mock ahead of the NBA Draft on Thursday, and he is hearing some interesting rumblings regarding former Villanova basketball player Cam Whitmore. O'Connor has Cam Whitmore going No. 9 to the Utah Jazz in his latest mock draft.

“In recent days, sources have begun to discuss a potential fall for Whitmore in part due to poor workouts,” O'Connor wrote in his draft. “Or maybe it's all a smoke screen? It's hard to decipher this time of year, but logically someone needs to slip, regardless of the reason, due to the fact that other prospects like Bufkin have surpassed him on many decision makers' boards. It's possible Whitmore could slide even further than this spot. But for now, he lands with the Jazz. With his potential, he could develop into an excellent spot-up shooter, cutter, and lob threat.”

Whitmore is an interesting prospect. He played one season at the Villanova basketball program, and missed a lot of time due to injury. However, he flashed a lot of talent during his brief stint in college, winning the Big East player of the year award.

O'Connor noted that Whitmore could fall past the Jazz at No. 9, but Danny Ainge has selected players with Whitmore's type of profile before. He drafted Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger with the Celtics.

Whitmore's draft stock is a but up in the air, so it will be interesting to see where he goes in the NBA Draft. Hopefully for his sake the noise about his stock falling is just a smokescreen.