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VIDEO: Buddy Hield, Julius Randle gather for pick-up game

NBA, Julius Randle, Buddy Hield

New York Knicks big man Julius Randle and Sacramento Kings shooting guard Buddy Hield have been going hard during the NBA offseason.

The two NBA stars recently took part in a highly competitive pick-up game alongside Utah Jazz guard Emmanuel Mudiay.

The 2020-21 NBA season will start on Dec. 22. Buddy Hield and Julius Randle both didn’t qualify for the 2020 playoffs at Walt Disney World, though Hield’s Kings did play in the seeding games.

Randle and the Knicks, of course, were a walking disaster before NBA games were suspended in March due to COVID-19.

For the Kings, Hield averaged 19.2 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3.0 assists per game in 2019-20. He shot 42.9 percent from the field, 39.4 percent from beyond the arc and 84.6 percent from the free-throw line.

Randle, meanwhile, put up 19.5 points, 9.7 boards and 3.1 assists in his first season with the Knicks. The lefty shot 46.0 percent from the floor, 27.7 percent from the 3-point line and 73.3 percent from the charity stripe.

The Kings haven’t made the playoffs since 2006. They have the longest postseason drought in the NBA. The 2012-13 season, on the other hand, was the last time the Knicks had a winning record and made the postseason.

Both Sacramento and New York have been putrid for a long time.

Neither the Knicks nor Kings are projected to make the playoffs next season. With that being said, it’s going to be interesting to see if Randle and Hield are on different teams by the time the 2021 trade deadline passes.