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NBPA hosts inaugural tech summit in San Francisco

Startup tech companies in Silicon Valley will have a sudden abundance of potential investors in the form of NBA players. As we know, they have a surplus of cash with the contracts they are being given. Andre Iguodala, VP for the players’ union, has been pushing for a tech summit that will teach his basketball brethren about the investment opportunities in the Valley.

Andre has become a bit of a renowned tech investor since immersing himself into Silicon Valley in 2013 after joining the Warriors. He’s invested in many companies and became the menswear director for an online clothing site, Twice, which was sold to eBay in 2014.

Besides Iguodala, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony also have invested into the technology market.

The three-day summit came about because of a growing interest from players about investing into startup tech companies and brand new technologies. Andre hopes the three-day San Francisco summit will help his fellow NBA players reap the benefits that he’s had in his endeavors.

The summit will take place later this month.

(h/t to Terry Collins, CNET)

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