Gabe Ervin Jr. might no longer return to the Nebraska football squad following his hip injury. However, Coach Matt Rhule's decision for a replacement came easier than expected. The Cornhuskers head honcho knows exactly the man for the job and his name is Anthony Grant.

Injuries have not been kind to the Nebraska football program. They may have gotten the win against the Northern Illinois football team but it was at the cost of Rahmir Johnson and Gabe Ervin Jr. This prompted Coach Matt Rhule to give Anthony Grant the starting position moving forward. Rhule outlined why the decision was not hard to make, via Sam McKewon of the Omaha World-Herald.

“It was his show last year. It's his show now,” the Nebraska football coach said. Although, he has high hopes for Grant after his crucial fumble against the Minnesota Golden Gophers. His error led to a game-tying play and eventually cost them the game. He posits that the running back should have improved his ball security by learning through the bench.

But, Rhule believes that Grant's in-game IQ is different which is why he trusts him to take over, “When he's right, he's right.”

Grant will play alongside Emmett Johnson for the remainder of the season. Kwinton Ives will be serving as their backup in case fatigue hits one of them in the middle of the game. Rhule is starting to learn his groove along with the Cornhuskers squad. Will they be able to win a bowl for the Nebraska football fans?