Nebraska football and Coach Matt Rhule finally got a needed win in their NCAA college football season. A lot of adjustments needed to be made against the Northern Illinois football squad because Jeff Sims went down. But, the Cornhuskers did get a huge boost from Heinrich Haarberg, who started as the team's quarterback.

This win led to a lot of chatter about Jeff Sims having tough competition as the Nebraska football team's starting quarterback. But, Matt Rhule knows that these types of questions and rumors ruin team chemistry. He simply refused to answer and validate these types of discussions, via Paul Harvey of Saturday Tradition.

“We’ve got a lot of confidence in Jeff, we’ve known all along that Heinrich can play. We’ve got a good situation. I won’t talk about any hypotheticals, I don’t know who’s going to be healthy and who’s not,” the Nebraska football coach said after their win over the Northern Illinois football squad.

He also added why Sims, despite tough losses in the early days of their NCAA campaign, was not at fault, ” I think we figured out that both quarterbacks are good quarterbacks. The situation that Jeff went and played in the first two games is difficult, okay? And a lot of the things that weren’t his fault were pegged on Jeff.”

Heinrich Haarberg threw 158 passing yards and two touchdowns in their win. Additionally, he also rushed for 21 carries, 98 yards, and a touchdown. Versatility runs in the Cornhuskers' temporary QB1 and it showed. Will they catch fire and get a hot streak?