Coaches clinics provide an invaluable platform for coaches across football's spectrum to exchange knowledge and insights. Recently, at Nebraska football's Coaches Clinic, Matt Rhule and the other attendees were treated to a session with a true icon of the game in Bill Belichick.

While Nebraska football coach Matt Rhule's presence added depth to the event, the spotlight rightfully shone on the former New England Patriots head coach and eight-time Super Bowl Champion, who graced the gathering as the special guest speaker.

Despite not having a coaching role in 2024 after departing from the Patriots on January 11, Belichick showed no signs of slowing down in sharing his extensive football expertise.

Belichick began by assisting his son, Steve Belichick, the defensive coordinator for the Washington Huskies. Later, he participated as a guest speaker at a coaches' clinic hosted by Nebraska.

Matt Rhule 'embarrassed' by Bill Belichick's knowledge

Cornhuskers coach Matt Rhule openly admitted to being awestruck by the wealth of knowledge possessed by Belichick during his interaction with him.

“He is so smart, and has seen so much, that he can make the complex so simple, and it humbles you and embarrasses you,” Rhule emphasized about Belichick, per Matt Sottile of KETV.

“Three and a half hours in, I was like, ‘Coach, would you like … a water? Cup of coffee? Would you like to use the restroom?' Because I desperately had to use the restroom, and he's like, ‘I'm fine, Matt,'” Rhule continued.

“And I was like, ‘Yes, sir.' And just sitting there and just talking, right, and just his recall from 15 years ago. And the only reason why we don't get through more information is because he's having to slow down to make sure you understand what he's saying.

“I mean, so you have this man who's a savant, who's been a defensive coordinator, he's been a special teams coordinator, he could be an offensive coordinator, he's been a head coach twice, he's been a GM, personnel,” the Nebraska football coach added.

“And he's talking about football in a way that just like … I mean, illuminates things and makes things so simple that you're like, ‘Oh my goodness.”

What’s next for Matt Rhule and Bill Belichick?

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Rhule had a tough time during his NFL stint with the Carolina Panthers, but now he's back in college football, looking to rejuvenate one of the sport's most respected programs.

After his departure from the Patriots, the legendary coach faced a rare situation of being without an NFL coaching job for the first time since 1974. Despite being linked with the Atlanta Falcons, Belichick found himself jobless for the first time in five decades.

The decision came after a challenging season marked by offensive struggles, communication issues, quarterback uncertainties, and a 4-13 record for the Patriots. Given these circumstances, Belichick's departure from New England was expected. Whether he will return to coaching after this season remains uncertain.