In 2003, the hit sensation Finding Nemo released to theaters. It was a cultural movement, it was the first Pixar film to ever win the best animated feature Academy Award. Now, Alexander Gould, Nemo's voice actor, reflected on the phenomenon 20 years later, per Good Morning America.

The film was directed by Andrew Stanton and starred Albert Brooks as Marlin, Nemo's overprotective dad, and Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, his friend with short term memory loss. And at six years old, Alexander Gould participated in the blockbuster film of the year as Nemo's voice actor.

Asked why he thought it still holds the test of time, Gould said: “It just has so many beautiful themes. I think that's probably why it was such a cultural phenomenon at the time. It just spoke so deeply to everybody who watched it.”

Finding Nemo had something for everyone in it. It had the pictures and story that fascinated children, and the overprotective figures parents could connect with.

“You pick up all the good messages of having faith in yourself, trusting yourself, being able to overcome obstacles in your own life. Things that might seemingly hold you back don't actually hold you back,” he said. “For parents, it has great themes around letting go and pushing your kids into the world and letting them thrive by their own merit.”

Gould also spoke about what is was like to work with DeGeneres and Brooks. “I remember Ellen was hilarious and very fun and treated me very well,” he said. “Albert was really sweet and kind. I actually ended up working with Albert a lot more on Weeds. He played my grandfather for like a whole season, so I got to actually develop a bit of a relationship with him. He's a really, really sweet guy.”

Happy 20th Anniversary to Finding Nemo!