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Neon brings Team Secret to its limit, gracefully exits The Singapore Major

Team Secret, Neon Esports, Singapore Major

The Singapore Major is not yet over. Yet, we already have a series that many Dota 2 fans will remember for a long time. The series between Neon Esports and Team Secret may have been the most nail-biting game in the tournament so far. With the “Final Boss” facing the biggest remaining underdog in the tournament, it was a battle for survival against unlikely opponents. With the banner of Europe and Pinoy Pride backing the two teams, it was a battle bigger than them. It was the battle between European pride and the Pride of the Philippines.


The hopes and dreams of the entire Southeast Asia region, particularly of Filipino fans, were riding at the back of Neon Esports. Their Singapore Major run has been fantastic, filled with roadblocks and unexpected turns. With their carry John Anthony “Natsumi-” Vargas contracting COVID-19, they had to scramble for a replacement. They found their new member Yang “Deth” Wu Heng, who shared in an interview that he was just contacted by Neon Esports at the last minute. Since Natsumi- was the team’s carry, and Deth usually plays offlane, Neon also had to swap their roles to allow Deth to fit in. Their captain and support Rolen Andrei Gabriel “skem” Ong had to take on the mantle of carry, then Prieme Ejay “PlayHard” Banquil had to become the team’s roaming support.

With these restrictions, Neon Esports understandably fumbled in the early stages of the tournament, only narrowly surviving the group stage. But as soon as the team reached the playoff bracket, they showed just how much capable they are in defeating the world’s top teams. They first defeated their SEA rivals, Fnatic, in the first round of the lower bracket, and then defeated Vici Gaming, before having their fateful match against Team Secret.


Neon Esports being the underdogs of this matchup is an understatement. Coming from the group stage, they are not in any way a team to sleep on. But because of the sudden changes to their roster,  the majority of people watching believe that Team Secret will beat Neon. However, OB Esports Neon made sure that even if they fall, everyone will remember their names.

And that’s exactly what Neon did throughout the course of their three-game series against Team Secret. Many talents showered Erin Jasper “Yopaj” Ferrer with praises, thanks to the way he carried the matches from Games 1 to 3.

Yopaj didn’t care how far ahead Team Secret was at any point in their games. He helped his team bounce back on many occasions. Even with their loss, many will consider Yopaj as the MVP of the whole series.

Of course, the praises on Neon doesn’t take anything away from Team Secret. In fact, their greatness is the very reason why everyone’s giving praises to Neon right now.

With their loss against Team Secret today, the last Philippine team and SEA representatives go home with $25,000 and 300 DPC Points. But more than that, they go home with the knowledge that they can stand in front of the biggest giant in Dota 2. They go home with the admiration of thousands of viewers online. And they go home knowing that they have brought pride to their country. GG Well Played to both Team Secret and Neon Esports, and GLHF for Team Secret moving forward.