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Nerlens Noel’s tweet about Boston sent the internet into a frenzy, but it could mean nothing

The Philadelphia 76ers have a logjam in their front court. With Dario Saric, Ben Simmons and a healthy Joel Embiid on the way, many believe that a move needs to be made in Philly. The Sixers find themselves with multiple big men that are constantly rumoured to be available for trade discussion, it just so happens that one of them grew up in the same city as one of the most logical suitors.

The Boston Celtics have improved their roster significantly this summer, signing all-star big man Al Horford in free-agency and picking up multiple draft picks, including the athletic Jaylen Brown. The team managed to get better without making a blockbuster trade, meaning they are still sitting on a treasure chest of assets.

Noel, who went to high school in Everett, Massachusetts, tweeted on Thursday about his love for the city of Boston and many perceived it as a ‘come and get me’ cry.

There is definitely a chance that Noel may simply be expressing his love for his native city as many proud professional athletes do. However, when you’re a regular in the rumour mill in the social media age, it’s never going to be seen that way – especially when the Sixers’ president admitted that one big man needs to be traded from the team.

Any basketball fan will know that trades don’t come to fruition because a player tweeted about his potential destination, but due to Boston’s frustration in the last few years over the team’s lack of rim-protection, it may make sense for both parties.

The internet is overreacting for now, but a trade could be in play in the future. One thing is for sure: Noel will not be displeased if he ends up wearing a green jersey.

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