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Nets’ Blake Griffin, Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart look ready to throw hands in heated moment

nets, pistons, blake griffin, isaiah stewart

In an extremely tense moment on the court, the Nets and Pistons were involved in an altercation that could have ended up much worse than it did. With roughly two and a half minutes remaining in a two-point game, Nets big-man Blake griffin got tangles up with young Pistons center Isaiah Stewart. What ensued was uncomfortable for everyone.

It is hard to tell who is in the wrong here, as the camera is off of them when the scuffle first ensues. But, once the camera is able to get them in the shot, it is pretty clear that for whatever reason, Stewart decided to make it hard for Griffin to get up off of the ground. On the surface, it seems lime Stewart is being the clear instigator, but as mentioned, that is just because we only caught the tail end of the “fight”. We will probably never know who was in the wrong, to begin with, and maybe in the end fault is put on both players and both are fined.

Either way, fine or no fine,  despite both players seemingly being ready to come to blows, the tempers never really triggered to a point where punches were even close to coming out and this one ended just as fast as it started, much like most NBA scuffles. These teams will meet another couple of times this season, so stay tuned for any further bad blood between Griffin and the team he was bought out from last season.