The Brooklyn Nets lost a good one in Jeff Green when the 34-year-old veteran decided to sign with the Denver Nuggets in free agency. He may not hold as much star power as Kevin Durants, Kyrie Irving or James Harden, but his departure could potentially have a significant impact on the Nets next season.

Green, who put pen to paper on a two-year deal with the Nuggets for $10 million, is over the moon with his recent move. It also looks like he has a bit of a parting shot for the Nets after leaving Brooklyn:

“It does feel good to finally lock in something more than one year,” Green said with a smile, via Mike Singer of the Denver Post.

It remains unclear if the Nets tabled an extension offer for Green, but based on his statement above, it is clear that his decision to join the Nuggets had a lot to do with the length of Denver's contract offer. For what it's worth, the Nuggets are now Green's 10th team in the past eight years. Needless to say, the veteran forward is just happy to have been able to secure a multi-season deal.

Green then continued to praise the Nuggets as he shared his excitement for what's to come in this next chapter of his career:

“I thought it was fitting,” he said. “The environment, the culture, the players, the coach, the atmosphere … the type of environment you look for in an organization. It was a no-brainer. I felt like it could be a special season.”

Jeff Green is anything but a superstar, but he's the type of impact player who could make a difference for a team like the Nuggets.