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James Harden breaks silence on Nets’ Kyrie Irving decision

Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Nets

The Brooklyn Nets made a big decision on Tuesday, revealing that Kyrie Irving won’t be able to play or practice with the team until he gets at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. That means the Nets could be chasing a title without the third piece of their Big 3, but James Harden doesn’t exactly sound too worried.

Via Kristian Winfield on NY Daily News:

Indeed, they do. Kevin Durant is arguably the best scorer on the planet, while Harden’s ability to run the offense is second to none. Of course, it would be great for the Nets to have Irving on the floor as well, but he’s making a personal decision and it’s one that Harden fully respects. But, it isn’t changing his stance on what he thinks Brooklyn is capable of. Via Brian Lewis of The New York Post:

A report surfaced earlier this week that Irving wasn’t actually against getting vaccinated. Kyrie is taking this stance because he is upset with people throughout America losing their jobs over vaccine mandates. Take it for what you will but with that being said, he could potentially cave and just get the jab. If not, he’ll be sacrificing millions of dollars and the chance to compete for an NBA title in 2021-22 with the Nets.

Brooklyn kicks off the regular season on October 19th against the defending champion, Milwaukee Bucks.