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Kevin Durant tells off ‘kid’ who offers to ‘fix’ him

Kevin Durant, Nets

Kevin Durant won’t change anything about how he conducts himself off the court. That much is clear after the Brooklyn Nets star tells off a “kid” who offered to “fix” him.

On Twitter, a man tagged KD and asked his followers to recommend him to the Nets forward. He highlighted how Durant should hire him since he “got so much to fix over there on his behalf.”

Durant quickly responded and asked what is he going to fix, to which the Twitter user said something about basically cleaning image and the negative narratives surrounding him.

“So I majored in PR we gotta clean up these media narratives that were never in your character. We gotta shine more light on your philanthropy. Ima double back and restructure the fashion sense then I gotta get you a luxury dog for stress release in general. Email for my resume?” the man wrote.

Clearly, though, Kevin Durant has no interest in changing his image as he told the “kid” to “beat it.”

Nets and NBA fans in general should give props to the man  for trying. He does make a good point about KD needing PR help, especially since a lot of people see him for being petty on social media instead of the great basketball player that he is.

However, it’s unlikely that Durant’s camp, friends or business partners haven’t told him about that over the past few years. If he really wanted to in the first place, he would have changed it years ago. But that is not who KD is, and it looks like the Nets scorer has no intention of faking it.