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Kevin Durant’s manager, Rich Kleiman, shows support for Rich Paul amid NCAA controversy

Rich Paul, Kevin Durant, Rich Kleiman

The NCAA has continued to receive more criticism after releasing new certification requirements for player agents. The latest person to step out and criticize the NCAA is Rich Kleiman, Kevin Durant’s manager, as he took to Twitter to criticize the decision while praising Rich Paul in the process:


Paul’s involvement with LeBron James, and his larger presence in the basketball world, has been the focus of much of the criticism. With the NCAA recently saying that agents should have a bachelor’s degree and NBPA certification for at least three years, it seems to many that the league is taking measures to disallow Paul from representing college players, since he does not have a college degree. While the larger part of the basketball world continues to speak out, the NCAA continues to insist it isn’t attempting anything nefarious.

The NCAA released another statement regarding its rules, noting the intent is to make sure student-athletes will get the best help. However, many continue to believe it’s an attempt to keep Paul from representing future players, and as more players and league-wide members continue to speak up, it will be interesting to see just how — if at all — the NCAA continues to respond to the issue.