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Nets star Kyrie Irving breaks silence on retirement rumors over vaccine mandate

Kyrie Irving retirement retire Nets Covid-19 vaccine

Despite being the face of the anti-vaccine movement in the NBA, Kyrie Irving has mostly stayed silent. That is until the Brooklyn Nets guard decided to drop a tell-all on Instagram Live.

The Nets star went all out speaking out on every piece of vitriol hurled at him over his decision to stay unvaccinated. One big issue he finally addressed was the rumor that he would possibly retire. Kyrie Irving was firm in his words claiming that was not going to happen.

“Nobody’s going to take the power away from me that I have for speaking on these things,” said the Nets point guard. “Don’t believe that I’m retiring. Don’t believe that I’m going to give up this game for a vaccine mandate or staying unvaccinated. Don’t believe any of that s–t, man”

While Kyrie Irving sounded adamant that retirement was out of the question, every Nets fan is fully aware that you’ll never really know with the enigmatic superstar. He may not be retiring, but what difference does it make if he just doesn’t play this season or eventually gets dealt via trade?

The Nets star may have gone on IG live to finally clear up some of the drama that’s festered throughout the offseason, but it may have just raised more questions. And now, there’s an even bigger spotlight on him.