There's no denying that Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving isn't the most popular player in the NBA right now. As a matter of fact, in some ways, Kyrie has been painted as somewhat of a villain for many years now. The fact that he's been very vocal about standing against the COVID-19 vaccine has only upgraded his status to Public Enemy No. 1 in the eyes of some folks.

Despite receiving harsh criticisms from anywhere and everywhere, the Nets star still has more than a few people standing in his corner. One of them is former Golden State Warriors star Al Harrington, who firmly believes that Irving is being unfairly portrayed by the media:

“Kyrie is just on a journey finding himself. Nothing’s wrong with that,” Harrington said in a recent appearance on Gilbert Arenas' No Chill podcast (h/t Mahendra Pratap Singh of The Sports Rush). “It just happens to be in the public eye while he’s doing it.

“These media personalities, they kill you. And then when you come back it’s all good.”

Harrington went on to call out the media for pretty much crucifying Kyrie Irving on a daily basis while also turning a blind eye on all the good that he has done outside the basketball court:

“The kid is unbelievable,” Harrington continued. “Whenever people need anything he is like the first one there. You know writing a cheque.”

Irving has indeed been extremely generous in terms of helping those who are in need. He definitely deserves credit in this regard. Nevertheless, this does not take away from the fact that he's made some questionable decisions throughout his career. Some of which makes all the negativity warranted to some extent.