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Spencer Dinwiddie’s cryptic response to trade rumors

Spencer Dinwiddie trade, Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have navigated about the season by adding James Harden and Blake Griffin (separate deals) to their already all-star heavy lineup. The two join a group in Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and three point sniper Joe Harris.

One might think that’s all the shifting around the Nets will be doing, but there’s another name on the roster that keeps coming up in trade talks. And that’s injured guard Spencer Dinwiddie.

Dinwiddie is expected to be out for the season, after tearing his ACL last December. But it hasn’t stopped teams from inquiring the Nets about acquiring the guard. And Dinwiddie seemed to notice.

Of course Spencer Dinwiddie is eluding to the trade rumors that many are discussing. And hey, it could always be worse. Imagine seeing your name trending and not knowing why, the instant panic that would come over your face. Dinwiddie probably saw he was trending and knew exactly why. It is that time of the year anyways.

Based on varying reports, one team that appears to have interest in trading with the Nets for Dinwiddie is the Miami Heat.

It’s somewhat rare to see a player that is going to be out for the year brought up in trade talks during in an season trade deadline. It appears to be the case with Spencer Dinwiddie though, and you can understand why teams would want him on their squad.

In his last full season workload in 2019, Dinwiddie averaged 20.6 points and 6.8 assists per game for Brooklyn.

How the Nets guard recovers from his ACL surgery is yet to be seen, but it feels like almost a common injury in today’s game. If he’s able to make a full bounce back, the 27-year old would be a welcome addition for any team that works to acquire him.