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Video: Jahlil Okafor stays in the paint for ages, doesn’t get called for a violation

jahlil okafor

One of the most interesting storylines of the NBA is the discrepancy of calls made during games. Whether if it’s common fouls, traveling violations, or other illegal acts, the league certainly has some work cut out for its brain trust to minimize the mistakes made in their games.

On Monday night, it sure didn’t take a certified referee to see a specific blunder in the Brooklyn Nets and L.A. Clippers game. In one particular play, Nets center Jahlil Okafor was camped out in the paint for a very long time and he wasn’t called for a violation, which was mind-boggling, to say the least.

They didn’t call 3 seconds on Okafor. 🙃

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Okafor’s offense was clear to any human eye. He clearly violated the NBA’s three-seconds rule, which prohibits players from loitering in the paint for more than three seconds without any movement. Originally, the play was made to deter big men from dominating the paint, thanks to Shaquille O’Neal. Now, the rule is commonly broken in the NBA.

Granted, the referees are responsible for surveying the entire court. They have to keep a watchful eye for fouls and other violations. In the paint, the area is often crowded, and many referees don’t really pay attention to who is in the paint.

Still, that isn’t an excuse for the league to stand idly and allow these violations to occur, especially if these violations begin to alter games. In any case, Okafor got away with a huge no-call in the paint. Though, the referees will probably get this memo and make sure Okafor doesn’t camp in the paint for more than three seconds again.