The Pokemon Company revealed that Trainers will finally be able to uncover the mystery behind the newly discovered Pokemon found in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, the upcoming downloadable content for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This is in line with the recent news that there is a new Pokemon that made its debut in the Pokemon Horizons: The Series which premiered in Japan before its release around the world starting later this year.

New Pokemon Awaits in Scarlet and Violet

These unknown Pokemon, as far as we know, may be connected to one another since their features are quite similar. The legendary Pokemon Terapagos (as seen in the trailers of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero) and the Pokemon seen on the Pokemon Horizons: The Series are both turtle-like and fans are all assuming that they are coming from one evolution line.

What we know about the turtle Pokemon from Pokemon Horizons: The Series

We have dabbled a little bit about this Pokemon in our Pokemon Horizons First Impression article and we are actually quite curious as to who this Pokemon is and what makes it more special than the others. All that we know so far is that it keeps itself hidden in a pendant, the one that Liko's grandmother gave to her as something that could protect her at all times, that one of the protagonists of the show wears around her neck. This exact pendant is being sought after by Amethio and The Explorers. We have yet to uncover its name and its true nature which is still shrouded in mystery. It is small compared to most Pokemon that we know but it is particularly strong defensively as it can crystallize the energy in its body to form a protective shield. Apparently, it also takes form into a dormant state when it feels that it is in danger by pulling its head, limbs, and tail into its shell and masking itself as a pendant.

What we know about the Legendary Pokemon from The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will give way for new upcoming Pokemon to debut in the game. It is a DLC that has two expansions: The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk which make up the whole story of the new addition to the game.  Little is still known about Terapagos, the upcoming Legendary Pokemon from the upcoming DLC other than it will be coming during the 2nd expansion which is The Indigo Disk. Its type, Abilities, and moveset are still unknown to this day. Other Pokemon like Munkidori, Okidogo, Fezandipiti, and Ogerpon are also set to appear in the upcoming DLC of the latest Pokemon game, Scarlet and Violet.

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New Pokemon, New Pokemon Type Soon?

There is one speculation that Terapagos and the Pokemon that was seen on Pokemon Horizons: The Series may bring forth a new Pokemon type, and by that, we mean not part of the existing 18 types that are already here. A new Pokemon type has always been seen to shake up the world of Pokemon and Trainers will be so delighted if this would come true. That means, there would be a new type that breeds new Pokemon to come to the fray and take part of the existing 1,008 Pokemon (Or at least redefine what type that they are already in). One thing that we beg to ask is if would there finally be a mix of Pokemon types. Say, a combination of Ground and Fire could turn into a lava type similar to how The Avatar Series did their spin-off with elements, could we see something similar happen to Pokemon? It would be awesome to see something like this and see how it would affect breeding and other elements in the main video game line as well. But for now, wishful thinking is alright but until we get answers when more information comes to light, we'll be ready with anything that becomes reality. The Pokemon Company has something up its sleeve and we are here to make sure that we get to those answers sooner or later.

There are always more to learn and more things to discover in the world of Pokemon. As things have been changing drastically in Pokemon like Ash and Pikachu winning the Championship and finally leaving the spotlight of the Pokemon Anime, we are bound to see things differently and be thrown at us like a curveball.

No matter what changes may happen, one thing's for sure. Tune in to ClutchPoints Gaming to know more about the latest updates, news, and events on anything and everything Pokemon like the upcoming debut of the new Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet.

Best of luck, Trainers!