The recently reopened murder case of Tupac Shakur keeps adding new twists and layers. On the heels of last week's shocking arrest of
Duane Keith Davis on murder charges, now Las Vegas television station KLAS 8 News has obtained new 27-year-old security video surveillance footage recorded inside the MGM Grand that offers yet a bit more clarity to the situation.

shortly after Tupac, Suge Knight and many other Death Row associates had a violent altercation with Orlando Anderson in the casino lobby.

The footage, obtained from KLAS 8 News by TMZ, shows Tupac Shakur, Suge Knight and many other Death Row associates dramatically storming through the casino after they were engaged in a violent altercation with Orlando Anderson, the man suspected of shooting and killing Tupac.

Duane Keith Davis, who also goes by “Keffe D”, was Orlando Anderson's uncle and he confessed in his 2019 memoir Compton Street Legend that “them jumping on my nephew gave us the ultimate green light to do something.” Davis added ominously, “Tupac chose the wrong game to play.”

In their indictment of Davis on Friday, Las Vegas prosecutors accused him of obtaining a gun “for the purpose of seeking retribution against” Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight. Further, they accuse Davis of handing off the weapon either to his nephew or someone else in the Cadillac with “the intent that this crime be committed.”

Clark County officials have made clear that Davis' alleged crime — aiding and abetting in a murder — can still be considered a murder charge. And because there is no statute of limitations for the crime of murder in the state of Nevada, he could still be prosecuted.

The new video footage doesn't show Davis' involvement in the scene, but it does make clear that things were still very heated even after the altercation in the casino had ended. Now it's up to the courts to decide if the infamous Tupac murder will have a trial that provides at least the closure of a conviction in the case.