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New World Update: Into the Void Impressions

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For quite a while now, many of the New World players’ concerns was the replayability of the game. Amazon Games Studios promised players that new content will gradually come into the game. That day has finally arrived with the launch of the New World update “Into The Void.” Here’s the full list of what’s to come in New World’s latest content update.

Into The Void Full Patch Notes

Void Gauntlet

The latest content update features a gauntlet themed after “Into The Void” called the Void Gauntlet. This new gauntlet is a damage/support type weapon hybrid that both assists allies and annihilates enemies. Also, it’s the first weapon ever to incorporate both Intelligence and Focus. Just like the other weapons in New World, the Void Gauntlet will have two mastery trees:

  • The Annihilation tree focuses on maximizing damage at close range and revolves around Void Blade, a summoned blade of corrosive void energy.
  • The Decay tree offers ranged healing and debuffs and revolves around Orb of Decay, a dual-phase projectile that can debuff enemies and heal allies.

The Varangian Knights

Into The Void brings players, new enemies, that they can encounter somewhere Southeast of Aeternum. These enemies are called Varangians led by Lord Commander Attalus, a Gaul with a twisted sense of humor. Commander Attalus and his band of Vangarians are in search of magical artifacts left behind by the Crimson Sorcerer. The Vangarian Knights aspire to acquire magical weapons for Lord Attalus to help complete his conquests. There will be different types of Varangian Knights:

  • Varangian Hewer
  • Varangian Scout
  • Varangian Knight
  • Varangian Archer

World Experience


Looks like players are about to have optimal experiences in the new update. Exploring New World will be quite the experience thanks to some visual upgrades. It’ll be a lot easier to look around your surroundings. 

New World players have always had the issue of travel time because quests are far away and movement is slow. All this is going to change now because now players are going to have 10% more movement speed traveling on the road. Doesn’t seem like much, but, at least travel time will slightly decrease. Take note that during combat, the movement speed buff will deactivate. 

Players who love questing with their PvPs enabled are also getting major buffs. PvP players now have an additional 10% Luck Bonus and 30% Gathering Luck Bonus. 


Questing in New World will have slight changes. In terms of Main Quests, there’ll be different dynamics added to questing to improve player experience. Then there’s the addition of new PvP Faction Quests just to give more variety and avoid repetitiveness. Keep in mind that these changes will require players to reaccept old quests. Don’t be too frustrated though, at least players have more means of gaining EXP and rewards. 

Other Updates

Everything else in the new Into The Void update involves fixes for combat experience. Also, some weapons are getting buffs and nerfs to balance out the PvP experience. Into The Void is New World’s first official big update and is definitely filled with lots of optimal upgrades. Amazon Games Studios followed through with their promise to continuously improve New World. What’s awesome about this is the fact that Into The Void is the first of the many updates to come. This excites us all to see what else is in store for New World

New World is now available exclusively for PC.