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New World Winter Festival may be arriving soon

Winter Festival, New World, New World Winter Festival, Amazon Game Studios

The holidays are coming up which also means wide blankets of snow are surely coming as well. Just like in true MMORPG fashion, we might see a winter-themed New World Winter Festival coming very soon. 

During an interview with PCGamesN, New World Game Director Scot Lane shared some information regarding seasonal plans for New World. Lane confirmed that New World will be adapting to real-world seasonal changes to keep the game fresh. In fact, not too long ago, New World even celebrated the Halloween season. The Halloween event didn’t have too much to offer due to ongoing issues within New World. However, Lane didn’t necessarily have much to say about these upcoming seasonal updates. Instead, New World’s director gave fans of the game a tease regarding what’s to come this holiday season. 

Scot Lane goes on to say during the interview that “winter is a great time for festivals”. It’s highly possible that they’re planning to drop winter-themed content for New World. We don’t exactly know when or what type of event it’s going to be since Lane didn’t say much. Another question now would be if it’ll be a mini-event like last Halloween or a full-fledged winter wonderland. 

It’s really no surprise that New World’s game director Scot Lane would tease an upcoming winter festival event. During the earlier years of the MMORPG genre, winter-themed events were already a tradition and are somewhat mandatory these days. With that being said, Amazon seems to have big plans for New World’s Winter Festival.