New York Giants: 3 biggest storylines entering their bye week
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New York Giants: 3 biggest storylines entering their bye week

The New York Giants have become one of the league’s most dysfunctional teams. They have missed the playoffs in six of the last seven seasons and will not be there this year with a 2-8 record heading into their bye week.

Whether it was the premature benching of Eli Manning or the head coaching tenure of Ben McAdoo, the Giants have had plenty of drama in their storylines over the years. This season is no different and there are many. The defense in New York has been atrocious and their offensive line is still poor. These are the three biggest storylines for the Giants heading into their bye week.

3. What’s going on with Saquon Barkley?

Barkley put the league on notice last season and was immediately deemed the best running back in the game. This season, Barkley started off hot but suffered an ankle injury that forced him to miss three games. Since returning, Barkley has not looked like himself. Is he still hurt or is the league catching up to him?

The Penn State product has 402 rushing yards this season with just two touchdowns. He finished with one yard on 13 carries in the Giants Week 10 loss to the New York Jets. This season is a wash for the G-Men but it is obvious that Barkley is a key piece to their future and not this version of Barkley.

2. Pat Shurmur

The Giants have had a tough time with head coaches since Tom Coughlin. They have not found a winner in Pat Shurmur. He has been an awful head coach in his first season and a half in New York. There are some guys who are coordinators and some who are head coaches. Shurmur is a coordinator.

Management has said he will be back but that is hard to imagine if the Giants finish 3-13 this season. It has been said that it is unfair to give Shurmur one year with a rookie quarterback. He needs another year to develop his player. On the other hand, there is no sense in wasting another season of Daniel Jones with a bad head coach. The Giants need to go out and get a competent head coach but they may not be going that way.

1. Do the Giants have their franchise QB?

The Giants were heavily criticized when they selected Jones with the sixth overall pick in the draft. This season has been devoted to developing their young quarterback. The main storyline surrounding the Giants is wondering if they made the right choice at quarterback.

Jones has some fans believing and some still skeptical. He has shown signs of being a strong player but his turnover problems are a big concern. Jones has thrown eight interceptions and has fumbled 13 times, losing nine. Every time he gets hit, he seems to fumble. The Giants will need more time to determine if they have their franchise quarterback but that will be the top story surrounding the team until their is an answer.