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Daniel Jones, Eli Manning, New York Giants

New York Giants: 5 ways Daniel Jones is identical to Eli Manning

The torch has been officially passed in the New York Giants franchise. After almost two decades in the helm, star quarterback Eli Manning has decided to hang up his cleats and retire from the NFL. His replacement? The Giants’ sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Daniel Jones.

Jones played a full season alongside Manning, taking on the starting role early on in the 2019 NFL season. It looks as though that the 2011 Super Bowl champs are in good hands with Jones since it seems he and his pseudo mentor Manning are somewhat identical.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof in the pudding in listicle for, pal!

1. They both literally look like each other

Yes, Eli might be almost two decades older than Daniel Jones, but looking at these two on the field with their full gear on, you won’t be able to really tell them apart. Both quarterbacks are from the south, standing 6’5″ and weighing roughly 100kg. Some are even calling Jones, Eli Jr.

Some are saying that they’re identical twins. With snaps like this, honestly, can you even tell the difference?

2. They’re both quite the professional

When then head coach Pat Shurmur made the call to put in Jones in front of Manning for the first time in September of 2019, the guards were clearly changing. After an 0-2 start, the Giants decided to make a change at starting QB.

Manning told reporters, “I get it. We drafted a guy early and you are not winning games, these things are going to come up. I just have to keep working and do whatever my job is.” A true vet and a true professional. Daniel Jones then stepped up to lead the Giants in a 32-21 comeback win against Tampa Bay. Jones was the first rookie in franchise history to win his first career start since 1980.

3. They’re both silent assassins

Daniel Jones, Giants

Throughout his entire career, Eli was always a cool customer. It seemed that the quarterback was never fazed and was always composed to make the right decision. Clearly, this is something that Daniel Jones is quite accustomed to and tells us all that he is ready for the big stage.

4. They’re polite about each other

Following his retirement, Eli Manning had nothing but optimism for his replacement. He told SiriusXM NFL Radio, “I think he’s proven to be tough and works hard, he’s done all the right things, he has gone in with that approach of keeping his head down and not saying more than he has to, working hard and earning the respect from the teammates.”

Daniel Jones was never shy to admit how much Eli helped him with his career and how the two-time Super Bowl champ has taught him a lot, on and off the field. Nothing but utter respect between these two.

5. They both love to have a good time

After an overtime win against the Washington Redskins late in 2019, the two were spotted in a bar in Hoboken, New Jersey celebrating their win with some of their teammates. It seemed like a crazy night for these Giants. The two quarterbacks were filmed fondly playing a round of flip cup. Eli even made it rain with some napkins a few moments later.

It does seem that Eli is quite the fun guy since it was reported that he had a “beer guy” at every single stadium in the NFL, as per former teammate Lawrence Tynes. Apparently, a specific person was assigned to grab Eli a cold pack of beer after every game, whether it was a win or a loss. DJ might need that contact now that Eli’s gone.

Is Daniel Jones the reincarnation of Eli Manning? I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.