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Justin Herbert, Dolphins

NFL Draft: 3 best landing spots for Oregon QB Justin Herbert

The most important position in football is the starting quarterback, and whichever team ends up taking Justin Herbert in the 2020 NFL Draft is going to be getting a really good one.

Herbert is an ideal NFL quarterback on paper, and his play with the Oregon Ducks the last few years has proven his game should translate to the next level. So which teams should be taking a close look at one of the top quarterbacks in the draft? Let’s break down the three best landing spots for Herbert.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Even though Nick Foles has the big contract he hasn’t shown anything this season to prove he is the long-term option going forward for the Jaguars. Gardner Minshew was a nice story, but it also looks like his success might be a flash in the pan so it’s time for the Jaguars to start looking for their quarterback of the future.

Herbert is a lot like former Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles in terms of his athleticism, but everything else he is a lot better at. He makes better decisions and has elite arm talent.

The Jaguars need to take a long look at making Herbert their quarterback of the future.

2. New England Patriots

The Patriots need to find their replacement for Tom Brady, and if Justin Herbert falls into their lap late in the first round, the Patriots need to pounce all over the opportunity. This would give the Patriots a lot of options for next season.

The team could decide to sign Tom Brady for another season and let Herbert sit behind him and learn from one of the best quarterbacks of all time. New England could also decide to let Brady walk and let Herbert take the keys of the franchise early. If Herbert is on the board when the Patriots draft, they need to take him.

1. Indianapolis Colts

Colts head coach Frank Reich is a bit of quarterback whisperer, and working with Herbert would be a match made in heaven. Reich reignited Foles’ career in Philadelphia and also helped Andrew Luck take strides in his game.

Jacoby Brissett has proven this year he isn’t the long-term option at quarterback for the Colts, so it’s time for the team to find his replacement the 2020 NFL Draft.

They could still start Brissett next year and let Herbert adjust to the NFL game. He has all the tools to be the future for the Colts at quarterback.