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Richard Sherman supports Lamar Jackson’s decision not to hire agent

Lamar Jackson, Ravens

Heading into the 2018 NFL Draft, former Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson is regarded among the top players available at his position. This has pushed the high expectations forward that he could be selected in the first round later this month.

Throughout this process, Jackson has taken a different approach that also includes deciding not to hire an agent leading up to the draft. According to Jarrett Bell of USA TODAY Sports, San Francisco 49ers star cornerback Richard Sherman voiced that he believes that this decision by the 21-year-old is a great one.

Asked whether it is a good idea for Jackson to head into the draft without an agent, San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman replied, “Yes, it’s a great idea.”

In a text message to USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday, Sherman added: “In terms of improving his draft stock or the amount of money he receives, there isn’t much they can do. I’m sure he has mentors and (advisers) who can guide him.”

There isn’t much that Jackson can do to affect his contract situation at this point in time given that there is a set scale in place for the type of deal he receives at the selection he lands. The only true impact is how he is going to orchestrate working out with teams and helping boost his draft value among them

There were some issues with the workouts but had lined up a visit with the Cleveland Browns. Even then, this shouldn’t be too difficult to get sorted out as he can dictate when he can visit any team that voices their interest in possibly drafting him.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Sherman is supporting Jackson’s decision given that he just worked out the contract process with the 49ers without an agent. He had received much criticism for the incentive-laden deal that could put him out of much of the money if he is unable to meet the lofty incentive goals.