The 2024 NFL draft class is stacked at the receiver position. No player stands out more than Ohio State superstar Marvin Harrison Jr., who is the best prospect at the position in a generation.

The son of the legendary Colts receiver has all of the physical tools and talent that his father had, and he might even be more talented. He’s also mature beyond his years and has the intangibles necessary to reach his full potential and succeed at the next level.

Harrison Jr. is the best receiver to come into the league in a decade.  Let’s take a closer look at why the Ohio State product is so special.

Unmatched combination of size, speed and strength

At 6’4”, the former Buckeye star has a combination of size, speed and strength that is virtually unheard of. Tall receivers sometimes struggle to have great speed because their stride lengths mean that they are often running at a lower cadence, and the extra ground they cover isn't always enough to make up the difference.

Harrison Jr. doesn't have that problem. He has the perfect combination of stride length and cadence. This lets him beat defensive backs even when they are playing off the line of scrimmage.

Smooth agility and dynamic athleticism


Harrison Jr.’s agility is second to none. He's able to stop on a dime, change directions instantaneously and adjust his speed to keep defenders off balance. Players with his size just aren't supposed to be able to get into and out of breaks as smoothly and quickly as he does, and this is what makes him so dangerous. The former Ohio State standout can also contort his body in midair to adjust to the football and come down with near-impossible catches.

The young star has an innate ability to consistently make freakish catches that he has no business coming down with. He's the ultimate bailout receiver, and this makes him a quarterback's best friend. Kyle McCord would not have looked nearly as competent as he did for much of the 2023 season if it wasn't for Harrison Jr. making magic happen down the field.

Harrison Jr. is an elite route runner who creates separation with ease

Maserati Marv is an elite route runner for his size, but there is no qualifier needed here. He isn't just elite for his size, but he has the potential to be one of the best route runners and separators in the league, period.

Sure, he might not quite reach the level of DaVante Adams or Antonio Brown in terms of route running and separation. Even if he falls just short of their level, though, he could still be the best receiver in the league because of his hands, measurables and intangibles.

Prospect grade: 98/100, A+

Pro Comparisons

The easy comparison would be Julio Jones, but Marvin Harrison’s son has the potential to be even better than the former Atlanta Falcons star. Their measurables are similar, with Harrison Jr. measuring one inch taller than Jones, while Jones has approximately 15 pounds on the former Buckeye.

However, Maserati Marv plays stronger than his listed weight. He also hasn't been in an NFL strength and conditioning program yet. Once Harrison Jr. gets to the league and spends time in an NFL weight room, he could easily put on another 10 to 15 pounds of muscle. Just looking at him, it's clear that the young receiver has room to grow and add muscle to his frame without losing any speed or agility.

It sounds absurd to say, but the true best comparison for Marvelous Marv might be Calvin Johnson. Even in this comparison, Harrison Jr. has the edge in agility and body control, and their speed is probably close to even.

However, Megatron has a significant advantage in measurements, and the former Ohio State star is unlikely to ever close the gap in this department. Johnson is an inch taller and weighs approximately 25 pounds more than the son of the former Indianapolis Colts legend.

At 21 years old, it's unlikely that Harrison Jr. is going to grow anymore. He'll likely put on some more weight in the NFL, but is unlikely to ever reach the 235 pounds that Johnson weighed in at. If he does reach that weight, it would probably negatively impact his speed. The ideal playing weight for Harrison Jr. should be somewhere between 210 and 220 pounds.

Still, if the likely top-five pick reaches his full potential, he could be the closest thing the league has seen to Johnson since Megatron himself. Considering that the former Detroit Lions star was drafted in 2007, this would legitimately make Marvin Harrison Jr. the best receiver in a generation.

Best fits

With a player of Harrison Jr.'s caliber, every team in the league would benefit from having him on their roster. Because of his talent and work ethic, he's a legitimate candidate for the number one overall pick.

However, the best fits for Harrison Jr. are teams that have an established quarterback. The Carolina Panthers are a potential landing spot and they wouldn't have to trade up to get him. Bryce Young struggled last year, but a generational playmaker could be exactly what he needs to break out this season. The Arizona Cardinals could also be a good fit with Kyler Murray under center.

His best landing spot though, is the Los Angeles Chargers. With the 5th overall pick, they would likely need to trade up one or two slots to secure the superstar's services. But, if Harrison were to land in Los Angeles, he would immediately be paired up with one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

The duo of Justin Herbert and Harrison Jr. has the potential to be the number one QB-receiver combo by the middle of the upcoming season. These two players are so young, and if they can form the same connection that the young star's dad had with Peyton Manning, they could grow together and destroy defenses for the next decade.