NFL news: Around 10 Steelers, Browns players will be fined for leaving bench in fight
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Report: Around 10 Steelers, Browns players will be fined for leaving bench in fight

Browns, Myles Garrett, Steelers

The NFL’s response to Thursday night’s infamous brawl between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers continues. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the league will issue fines to about 10 players for leaving the bench area and running onto the field.

Said Schefter:

“League officials still are poring over the video to determine how many players will get fined — the NFL first wanted to discipline the main perpetrators — but it is expected to be a lengthy list, with the fines being doled out next weekend, according to a source.”

The NFL’s fine policy includes a $3,507 bill for a first-time offender of entering the fight area with no active involvement. A second offense balloons the fine to $10,527, per Schefter. If a player fights, the first offense is $7,017, while the second is $14,034.

According to Schefter’s sources, the number of players to receive fines is no final. However, it appears as if it will cross double digits.

Including in the list of those expected to be fine is Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph, who is looking at $35,096 for a first-time fighting offense. The second-year shot-caller was not suspended for his role in the fight.

The NFL did, however, suspend Browns defensive end Myles Garrett for his role in the fight. Ripping off Rudolph’s helmet and striking him with it has warranted an indefinite suspension, including the rest of 2019 and the playoffs. His teammate, defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi, received a one-game suspension.

The only Steelers player to receive a suspension for his role in the fight was center Maurkice Pouncey. The NFL suspended him for three games due to pinning Garrett to the ground and punching/kicking him. He plans to appeal the suspension.