NFL news: Coaches could return to facilities next week, virtual offseason extended
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NFL coaches could return to facilities next week, virtual offseason extended


The NFL is attempting to have teams return to team facilities, and there could be more progress made in the near future. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, coaches could return to facilities next week, and the league has extended the virtual offseason.

Nearly a week ago, the NFL sent a memo to teams informing them of how to reopen their team facilities. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, team facilities have been closed since March. Then, on May 19, some teams were able to return to team facilities in a limited manner.

While front office members were able to return, coaches and players weren’t permitted to return. Though, players who are recovering from injuries are allowed to use the facilities.

With teams having success in their partial re-opening of their facilities, Roger Goodell is now focused on getting coaches to return. For that to happen, all 32 teams in the NFL need to be given permission to reopen their facilities.

In addition, the NFL is also extending the virtual offseason program another two weeks. Teams around the league have been holding their offseason programs virtually due to the coronavirus. But soon, the NFL seems to be pushing for players to return and continue their offseason at team facilities.

As of this moment, the NFL plans on beginning the 2020 NFL season as scheduled. With that being said, they made certain adjustments in the schedule already in case they need to make alterations. Once coaches can return to facilities, that will be a step toward returning to normalcy this offseason.