NFL news: Dolphins' Brian Flores' message following George Floyd's death
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Dolphins’ Brian Flores delivers strong message following George Floyd’s death

Dolphins, Brian Flores, George Floyd

Sickening, saddening, and disgusting are three words that could describe the murder of George Floyd by the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. In response to the tragic death of Floyd, Brian Flores — the head coach of the Miami Dolphinsdelivered a strong message on Friday:

Over the past few years, police brutality and unlawful deaths to people of color have been a hot-button issue in the United States. Of course, most notably, Colin Kaepernick essentially sacrificed his career in the NFL to speak on these issues.

When Kaepernick was starting for the San Francisco 49ers, he began to peacefully protest against the injustices that are taking place in this country. Sadly, his message fell upon deaf ears who refused to understand what he was kneeling for. Besides Flores, Kaepernick himself and Steph Curry are among the sports figures who have stepped up and spoke about Floyd’s death.

As Flores states in his message, “some people couldn’t wrap their head around” the message Kaepernick was attempting to convey. Seeing that no progress has been made, Flores is calling for his players to use their platform to help the cause.

In addition, he’s calling out the people who were against Kaepernick’s stance. Entering his second season with the Dolphins, Flores is making it clear that he won’t sit in silence while people are being murdered.

There’s no doubt that some people want to justify or silence the truth behind Floyd’s wrongful death. However, Flores is making sure Floyd’s name isn’t forgotten like the others who have been murdered over the years.