Antonio Brown has been in the news a lot this year. Sadly for him, most of it has not been positive.

That continued on Thursday. NFL super agent Drew Rosenhaus has decided to terminate his relationship with the wide receiver. At least, until he seeks counseling.

Rosenhaus apparently believes that Brown is in serious need of help. He is far from the only one either. The wide receiver has always been eccentric. However, over the last year, his actions have been alarming.

Brown has forced his way out of a number of organizations. He has not been on a team since early in the year and the incidents keep piling up.

It all started with Brown wanting out of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. That's innocent enough as a lot of players have requested trades.

Since then though, it has gotten worse and worse. This has culminated in a lot of people wondering if there is something wrong with the superstar. Could it be CTE or a mental health problem?

Whatever it is, many have recognized that he needs help. And that apparently extends to Rosenhaus.

You could argue that he is doing this for his business image, but good on Rosenhaus here. Even with his eccentric behavior, there is still money to be made in representing Antonio Brown. Rosenhaus noticed that his well-being is more important, and is trying to help and push him in the direction of getting help.

It remains to be seen if Brown will get the help many are asking him to get. As someone who could have gone down as the greatest receiver of all-time, it's a sad and swift fall from grace.

Suddenly, no one cares about the football side anymore when it comes to Antonio Brown. And all are just hoping he figures everything out.