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Eagles, Cowboys among the top-rated teams in Madden 20

Redskins, Cowboys, Giants, Eagles

Players have gotten mad about their Madden rating and now it appears every team besides the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys can be frustrated with the overall team rating. According to Pro Football Talk, the Eagles are the topped rank team coming in at 89, followed by the Cowboys who come in at 88.

It’s funny that the Cowboys come in as the second highest-ranked team because only a few days ago DeMarcus Lawrence was telling the Cowboys fans to boycott the game because they only ranked him 89 overall.

Maybe this will be enough for Lawrence to change his opinion on the game, but it also feels like a situation where he could be mad because his Cowboys are ranked lower than the Eagles.

The Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, and New England Patriots come in next on the ratings sitting at 87. The Atlanta Falcons and the Indianapolis Colts sit at 86 followed by the two teams from Los Angeles coming in at 85.

The Miami Dolphins come in at 74 overall which ranks them the worst in football, a whole three points lower than the New York Giants who have the second-worst rating.

One of the more surprising ratings is the Jacksonville Jaguars who many believe are going to be good with Nick Foles under center but it appears Madden doesn’t see it rating them 79 overall.

After Week 1 all these ratings will change so it really doesn’t mean much, but it’s another talking point for fans and players that are hungry for the regular season.