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NFL news: ESPN quickly pulls Down-And-Distance graphic on Monday Night Football

Roger Goodell, ESPN, NFL

ESPN listened to its viewers on Monday evening as the New Orleans Saints, and Houston Texans continue to slug it out in the bayou. While ESPN began its first Monday Night Football broadcast of the season with a bright green graphic highlighting the down-and-distance for each offense, such a graphic only lasted one half as the game’s audience absolutely bashed such an idea — mostly on social media.

As a result of the feedback received by ESPN, the famed network immediately pulled its new graphic for the second half of the entertaining matchup between the Saints and Texans in New Orleans.

Although not a huge change logistically speaking, such a change makes a huge difference for the viewers at home.

In what has turned into a surprising game, the Texans continue to impress against the always dangerous Saints. Despite playing in New Orleans, where the Saints are typically unbeatable, the Texans took a commanding 14-3 halftime lead with each team scoring a quick third-quarter touchdown upon remerging from their respective locker rooms. The game is now 21-10 in favor of the visiting Texans, though Saints quarterback Drew Brees is seemingly never out of a game as long as there is time left on the clock.

This would certainly be a massive win for the Texans as the Tennessee Titans looked pretty impressive on Sunday afternoon against the Cleveland Browns. On the other hand, the Saints will likely be just fine as the NFC South doesn’t seem too daunting this time around.

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