NFL news: Malcolm Jenkins destroys Saints teammate Drew Brees in 4 minute video
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Malcolm Jenkins destroys Saints teammate Drew Brees in 4-minute video

Drew Brees, Malcolm Jenkins, Saints

Malcolm Jenkins signed with the New Orleans Saints with the intention of competing for a Super Bowl. But Jenkins has a bone to pick with Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Brees participated in a social media blackout on Tuesday in a showing of solidarity with Black Americans. But he struck a different tone on Wednesday.

The Saints superstar was asked whether he would support players kneeling during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and racial injustice. He responded by saying, “I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country.”

Jenkins responded with a four-minute post on Instagram, addressing Brees and saying he is “part of the problem” if he fails to understand how hurtful his words were on Wednesday.

The veteran safety was clearly emotional as he discussed the hypocrisy behind Brees’ association of the flag with military heroism.

Brees said in his interview he felt dishonoring the anthem was a disrespect to people like his grandfather, who had served in the military.

But Jenkins refuted this notion, saying the forefathers of Black Americans also fought in the country’s wars, and they did not “come back to a hero’s welcome.” Instead, as Jenkins said, they came back to racism on the domestic front.

Jenkins has been among the most active voices in sports with respect to racial issues and other topics regarding social injustices. He marched with protestors in Philadelphia on Tuesday and has routinely made his presence felt in the NFLPA.

Naturally, Jenkins is hurt by the words of his new teammate, as Brees seems to have learned little from the messaging behind Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protest.