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NFLPA ‘has not agreed to any reopening plan’

Browns, NFLPA, J.C. Tretter

On Tuesday, it was reported that the NFL could open minicamps near the end of June. But J.C Tretter — the NFLPA President and center for the Cleveland Browns — refuted those reports. According to Tretter himself, the NFLPA “has not agreed to any reopening plan.”

Tretter took to his official Twitter account to inform fans that there isn’t yet a set plan in place for reopening the league that has the players union’s support:

Just recently, the NFL has begun to reopen team facilities. While coaches and players aren’t permitted to return to the facilities yet, the league plans on having that take place in the near future.

Also, it’s important to note that the players negotiated for June 26 to be the final day for players to be at work before July training camps. Therefore, the contingent date of June 27 to open minicamps seems to be an unrealistic option.

With training camps happening so closely to the reported date, it’s unlikely that players would agree to conduct minicamps a month prior. That is exactly why the reports of minicamps opening near the end of June seem to be in question and why the NFLPA would take issue with them.

Of course, with the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, Tretter wants the safety of the players to be the priority. Given that, it appears that Tretter is making it clear to the NFL that the NFLPA should be consulted before returning. At this point, it remains unclear when players and coaches will officially return to facilities this offseason.