After the horrific events that transpired in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Phillip Adams' brain is going to be studied after his killing spree. The former NFL player killed five people, and injured one more, on Wednesday, April 7th. Adams took his own life away via gunshot and was found Thursday night, per ClutchPoints.

Adams' father spoke publicly about his son, claiming, “football messed him up.” Dr. Robert Lesslie was one of the victims who was killed by Phillip Adams. NBC Sports provided the answer as to why Adams acted so violently toward the Lesslie family. “U.S. Representative Ralph Norman has claimed that the shooting of Dr. Robert Lesslie and four others resulted from Dr. Lesslie’s refusal to give Adams medication.”

Adams was likely building an addiction to the medications he was being provided, which is why Dr. Robert Lesslie refused to give the former NFL player the medication he was asking for. Due to the reports on head trauma and the unsettling stories of ex-NFL players' life after football, There is reason to believe that Adams' father's words hold true.

According to NBC Sports, “the brain of Phillip Adams will be tested for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a degenerative condition that potentially can cause cognitive disorders and other problems.”

Phillip Adams played for six different teams during his five-year career. After being a standout cornerback for North Carolina State, Adams was unable to translate his talents at the professional level. We won't know the results on Adams' brain until later in the month.