Former NFL quarterback Cam Newton fought off several men during a scuffle at a 7-on-7 tournament in Atlanta over the weekend, and Shannon Sharpe has spoken up about how frustrated he is with the disrespect of Newton.

Sharpe addressed the altercation on his “Nightcap” podcast with Chad Johnson (h/t NY Post).

“Y’all think that’s cute [to tell Newton he’s trash]. It’s not,” Sharpe said. “It’s really embarrassing that somebody takes time out of their day… and try to give back and you’re disrespectful, ungrateful.”

Sharpe added that these sorts of things don't happen to Peyton and Eli Manning.

“Peyton and Eli have been having a camp for 20-something years,” Sharpe said. “You ain’t never seen no kids being disrespectful to Peyton and Eli.”

Newton's fight garnered massive attention, particularly due to his ability to fend off multiple people at the same time. Many fans also began making fun of the men who tried and failed to fight an outnumbered Newton.

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The Athletic reported that two men who attempted to fight Newton used to coach with him. The altercation occurred after Newton's C1N team and a team from TopShelf Performance, a training facility in Atlanta, played in a reportedly “heated game” on Saturday.

Nehemiah Mitchell, the co-founder of We Ball Sports, the organizer of the 7-on-7 tournament, said Newton and all of the others involved in the fight were kicked out of the event. TopShelf's Stephon and TJ Brown issued a statement in which it said it was “deeply concerned” and that they “strongly condemn any form of aggression.”

Newton hasn't addressed the fight publicly at the time of writing.