NBA legend Charles Barkley has no doubt in his mind that Tom Brady’s career is unparalleled in American sports history, so much so that even LeBron James’ career–with all his accomplishments–pales in comparison.

Barkley said as much in a recent interview on the Dan Patrick Show. He was asked who he thinks has the better career accomplishments between Brady and LeBron, and he didn’t hesitate in saying that it’s TB12. Of course that is not a slight to James and what he has done, but rather a testament to the amazing career that Brady had.

“Tom Brady. We shall appreciate Tom Brady more,” Barkley said on the Brady-LeBron career comparison. “Number one, 10 Super Bowls is incredible, but the thing that’s crazy why I put football accomplishment ahead of basketball accomplishments is you know, every game in the NFL is a one-game-you-out, you’re done.

“[In the NBA] If you got Kareem, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kobe [Bryant], LeBron [James], Michael [Jordan], you got the best player in every game, you can lose one game, you can lose two games, you can actually lose three games. But to have every game be a Game 7, no matter how great your regular season was, to have every game to be the end your season and for this man to make it to 10 Super Bowls and win seven, it’s one of the greatest accomplishments in history.

“To have every game be a Game 7, I think what Tom Brady accomplished, his career is unparalleled.”

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It’s hard to argue with Charles Barkley’s statement here. For all the controversies that Tom Brady was involved, no one can deny the fact that what he has achieved in his career is difficult to replicate.

It is also true that it’s really tough to win the title in the NFL, let alone multiple ones. Since the New England Patriots in 2004 and 2005–which Brady led–no team has won back-to-back titles in the NFL.

What Barkley is simply saying here is that there is no room for bad days in the NFL, and for Brady to dominate like he did is truly incredible.

There is no doubt the NFL will miss Brady now that he has retired, but his legacy will surely live on as more and more QBs try to surpass him and the standard he has set.