A new NFL season is upon us, and the New England Patriots are getting ready to get back on the football field. We are here to share our NFL odds series and make some Patriots betting specials for the 2023 season and tell you what may happen.

We have shared several betting specials below. Now, we will analyze if they can come true.

Here are the Patriots NFL betting specials, courtesy of DraftKings.

NFL Betting Specials: Patriots Betting Specials

Rhamondre Stevenson Will Rush for 75 Yards or More in Eight Regular Season Games: +100

Mac Jones Will Pass for +400 Yards in Any Regular Season Game: ++120

Any New England Patriots Player to Have 10 Regular Season Rushing Touchdowns or Receiving Touchdowns: +140

Mac Jones Will Pass for +250 Yards in 8+ Regular Season Games: +150

New England Patriots Will Score +1 Touchdown in Every Regular Season Game: +150

Devante Parker or Tyquan Thornton Will Have 1000+ Receiving Yards: +200

Rhamondre Stevenson Will Rush for 175+ Yards in Any Regular Season Game: +275

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Can Stevenson Hit 75 Or More in Eight Games?

Stevenson rushed for 75 or more yards three times last season. Curiously, he came close to the mark on three other occasions. That would give him six games of 75 or more rushing yards. Unfortunately, the New England running game situation is too unpredictable for this to happen.

But remember, Harris is gone now, as he has left for the Bills. Ultimately, it means there is no real competition for Stevenson in the backfield. The only player that might stand in his way is former Jacksonville Jaguars running back James Robinson. Also, the Pats have 2022 draft selections Pierre Strong and Kevin Harris on the roster. But Stevenson has a good chance because the Patriots love to run the ball. Therefore, this could possibly happen merely on the fact that there will be a lot of opportunity for volume.

Will Jones Pass for +400 Yards in Any Game? 

Jones did not come close to 400 yards in the 2022 season or the 2021 campaign. Therefore, this would not be a wise met to make. Jones is not an elite quarterback. Thus, he currently does not have the capacity to hit this mark.

Will Any Player Hit 10 Rushing or Receiving Touchdown? 

Jakobi Meyers had six touchdowns to lead the team. Unfortunately, he is gone. The Patriots struggled to score overall. Thus, it makes it difficult to trust any of them to hit this mark. Damien Harris had 15 touchdowns in 2021 and Hunter Henry added nine.

Can Jones Pass for +250 Yards  in 8 Games?

Jones hit this mark three times last season. Additionally, he came close on three other occasions. But the Patriots are not a team that likes to throw the football. Instead, they grind out yards through the ground. Unless Jones takes an incredible leap this season, he is unlikely to reach this mark.

Can The Patriots Score a Touchdown in Every Game?

The Patriots achieved this mark last season despite a struggling offense. Ultimately, they will find ways to score regardless of their inept play at quarterback. The Patriots can score on offense, defense, or special teams. Therefore, it makes it difficult for any team to prevent them from getting across the goal line. The Patriots will face some tough tests, including two games each against the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets. Additionally, they must face the Pittsburgh Steelers again. But the Pats will find a way to score unless the weather plays a role.

Can Parker or Tyquan Thornton Record 1000+ Receiving Yards?

Parker has been in the league since 2015. However, he has broke the 1000-yard barrier just once. Parker had 539 yards last season. Furthermore, he has not come close to hitting 1000 yards during his time with the Patriots.

Thornton did not play much last season, recording just two receptions on 31 yards. Regardless, there is some potential for him to break the barrier. Thornton shined in his final season at Baylor, recording 62 receptions for 948 yards and 10 touchdowns. Thus, the idea of him dominating is not out of this world. There is an opportunity for Thornton to step up now that Meyers has departed for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Can Stevenson Hit 175 Or More Yards in Any Game?

Stevenson came close to this mark on two occasions. However, he failed to break the barrier. But this is a bet that could hit, given the right scenario. Moreover, there is plenty of potential for Stevenson to hit the mark at least one time. The chances will happen because there are no other running backs that can currently threaten him for playing time.

Final Patriots Betting Specials

The Patriots do not have a good offense. However, the following betting specials can definitely happen and will be wise to wager on.

Final Patriots Betting Specials:

New England Patriots Will Score +1 Touchdown in Every Regular Season Game: +150

Rhamondre Stevenson Will Rush for 175+ Yards in Any Regular Season Game: +275