The Oakland Raiders have had a wild offseason, one that has included big splashes in both NFL free agency and the trade market. Rumors around the NFL are that Hunter Renfrow has been included in trade talks as well, however a league source would say otherwise, reports The Athletic's Tashan Reed.

“Renfrow’s name has frequently been in trade rumors this offseason, and that intensified after the Raiders drafted receiver Tre Tucker in the third round in April. But the Raiders haven’t received any trade offers, according to a league source. That could obviously change between now and the trade deadline, but the sense is that nothing is imminent in terms of Renfrow being moved.”

Hunter Renfrow has been a pivotal part of the Raiders offense over the last few seasons and figures to be again this season. After dealing Darren Waller to the New York Giants, Raiders fans have to be relieved that it looks like Renfrow will be remaining in Las Vegas.

If Renfrow does stay in Las Vegas, it will be interesting to see how he fares with Jimmy Garoppolo behind center. Renfrow had an obvious chemistry with Derek Carr, while Garoppolo plays a much different style of quarterback than the former Vegas signal caller.

It will be a very curious season in Las Vegas given the very different look of the team. However, success is not out of the question with playmakers like Davante Adams, Renfrow and Josh Jacobs on the offense. Still, if the defense is anything like it was last season, it is highly unlikely the Raiders become contenders in any fashion. If rumors around the NFL are true, at least Raiders fans can count on still having Hunter Renfrow.