Nine Weirdest LeBron James items you can buy on Black Friday
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Nine Weirdest LeBron James items you can buy for Black Friday

Everyone has a huge LeBron James fan in their life. They might be a lifelong fan who’s been around since Cleveland drafted the hometown hero in 2003, or they could be one of the millions of Lakers fans who have adopted the newest face of the franchise, and with Black Friday coming up, what better gift to grab for these LeBron stans than some quality King James memorabilia?

LBJ jerseys and posters are overplayed. It’s time to step it up and get something only die-hard Bron fans (or in the case of one item, haters) would have in their life.

Here are nine of the weirdest LeBron-themed items you can buy on Amazon for that one obsessed fan in your life, or maybe even for yourself!

9. LeBron Toilet Paper


We’ll start of this list with that one item for LeBron haters we mentioned above, and to purchase this item you’d have to be a pretty big LeBron hater.

Whether you’re tired of seeing LeBron destroy your favorite team or his Taco Tuesday videos are really fraying your nerves, this is the item for you.

In fact, it’s probably perfect for a Taco Tuesday, if you really think about it.


8. LeBron Celebrity Mask


Halloween might be over, but it’s never a bad time to look like The King!

This celebrity mask isn’t going to convince anyone that you’re one of the best to ever play in the NBA, but it’ll definitely get a laugh out of your friends and family.

At a low price of only ten dollars, you can complete your Bron outfit and avoid emptying your wallet with this interesting piece.


7. Taco Tuesday Shirt


What is the one thing LeBron is getting the most publicity for right now, aside for racking up triple-doubles?

That’s right, Taco Tuesday! Now you can appreciate your favorite basketball star while simultaneously showing love to the day that has become a holiday in LakerLand.

The shirt comes in five different colors, and separate fits for men and women. At only $17.99, the shirt is perfect for cheffing up tacos in the kitchen or attending STAPLES Center.


6. King James Mug


Tired of staring at a blank mug as you drink your early morning coffee? Feel like your mug needs some spice?

Then this King James Mug is for you. As you sip your coffee, you’ll have a three-time champion looking back at you to give you a little extra pep in your step.

James gets a close up on the highest quality mugs available, and the print is guaranteed not too fade, so LBJ will stick around on the ceramic for just as long as his NBA career has.


5. LeBron James Cavs Gnome


Regular old lawn gnomes can get boring. Realistically, they all kinda look the same.

Now’s your chance to give visitors to your home a double-take when they walk up to your front lawn with this LeBron Garden Gnome.

If you’re ready to replicate a Finals rematch, you can also grab a Steph Curry Gnome as well. Transform your garden in to a blacktop showdown!


4. LBJ Action Figure


We all played with action figures as kids. Maybe your favorite superhero used to be Superman or Batman, but now the most important figure in an NBA fan’s life is LeBron!

This action figure stands just under a foot tall and launches basketballs from his right hand, just like the real LeBron.

Part of a collection called NBA heroes, you can get LeBron and a foe such as Kobe Bryant or Derrick Rose to re-enact LeBron’s epic showdowns.


3. LBJ Street Sign


James might not have a street officially named after him in LA, but you can pretend he does by getting this LeBron James Court sign.

The sign is made of heavy duty steel and is the same size as an actual street sign, and it comes with a bright purple and yellow finish.

Who knows? If LBJ can capture a chip or two for the Lakers, we might see the real thing up in Los Angeles soon enough.


2. LBJ Vinyl Pop Toy


At just under four inches tall, this pop toy is perfect as a desk ornament for any LBJ fan.

The toy comes with a case and a protector, so you don’t lose or damage your mini-LeBron.

At only $14.99, this collectible is a great piece of gear for those looking to show their LeBron love without going overboard, in size or spending.


1. LBJ Pool float


It might be winter, but it’s never too early to start stocking up on your summer gear.

And for a Bron fanatic, this pool float is a must-have.

Admittedly, the blow-up LeBron bears little resemblance to the Lakers star we all know and love, but it gets the point across.

With this inflatable, you can lounge in the pool, relax, and rep your favorite player all in one.